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Jorum API discussion space

Page history last edited by Suzanne Hardy 9 years, 6 months ago

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The Jorum team would like to collaborate with interested parties to build an API enabling developers to access the data contained within Jorum. The long-term approach with the API, as suggested by JISC CETIS, is iterative: to start small and then build in a series of stages. Let's work together to help define and prioritise the requirements for each iteration of the API. 


Current Iteration

The first iteration is intentionally small and as been optimised to support the Jorum Widget. Jorum says: "We're starting small because our work with users has identified some key requirements which are useful to a wide audience".


You can read more about what functionality the current iteration supports in the Iteration 1 Documentation.


Future Iterations

Please feel free to outline what you would like to see in future iterations of the API. It would be particularly useful to know:

  • What functionality you would like.
  • How you would use it.
  • How you would prioritise it (e.g. using MoSCoW prioritisation).
  • The range of data you require and in what formats.
  • When you would need it by.


API Wishlist

Please describe your required functionality on the API Wishlist page. 

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